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What Others Say

John - You completely made my day yesterday. I couldn't believe how fast this worked! I have to admit ... I was a little skeptical. But after a few hours, I'm not anymore. I started implementing your suggestions yesterday morning, thinking I had nothing to lose by trying. Not long after I was contacted by the CEO of a local corporation ... he wants to meet with me this week! I have never secured a meeting so quickly. Thanks for sharing your LinkedIn wisdom. It really is gold!

Amy Lowe | Precom Training

John Nemo is a master at his craft and does a brilliant job engaging his audience. If you are truly intent on using LinkedIn as a professional marketing tool for your business, regardless of what industry you serve, I highly recommend freeing up some of your time to cash in on John's free tips and webinars!

Preston Raatz | Vision Recovery Group

John Nemo is an absolute whiz with LinkedIn and the entire social media platform. For anyone who is seeking to broaden their understanding of LinkedIn and how it can dramatically improve your business, John is your guy. I can't recommend him highly enough!

J. Bernard Halprin | Rauch-Milliken International, Inc.

When it comes to LinkedIn, John Nemo is a marketing genius. His system has brought in dozens of new clients and generated an ongoing stream of qualified sales leads who are looking for exactly the type of services we offer. I can't recommend John and this course enough!

Thomas Backal | Lazarus Financial Group

Since taking your online course, I've revamped my LinkedIn profile and noticed a HUGE increase in the number of people looking at my profile! It's helped me close new deals, and when I talk with or email potential clients, I see they've checked out my LinkedIn profile. Best of all, I now have people contracting MY services to rewrite THEIR LinkedIn profiles!  Thanks to LinkedIn Riches, I now understand the power of LinkedIn and prefer it to any other social media platform for business use!

Amanda Shaw | Webrunner Media Group

This is a great course! No fluff - just strategies that WORK from someone who actually USES them - not just teaches them. Using John's system I've grown my Loan Officer Tips Group from zero prospects to a thriving community of more than 500 in less than 60 days! And I did it using the ideas and templates John Nemo shares inside the LinkedIn Riches online training!

Brian Sacks | Radio Host | Mortgage Consultant

I joined John's course because I wanted to learn how to get leads for my business from LinkedIn. I watched each of the videos and worked along on my own LinkedIn profile at the same time. It wasn't long before I saw an almost immediate surge in the number of prospects who started visiting my profile page. That was cool in of itself. But then I got to the video where John trains on what to do after a prospect visits your page. I followed his exact steps and used the script he gave me and the results were almost like magic! Now a major percentage of the prospects who visit my profile page actually not only connect with me but are even communicating with me. Someone pinch me I'm dreaming! :)

Matt LaClear | SEO Professional