1 Simple Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Engagement on LinkedIn

When it comes to using LinkedIn to generate leads, it’s not about being cute or clever.

Instead, it’s all about clarity and speed, ensuring someone can quickly discern what it is you do and the service(s) you offer.

(In fact, I have an entire copy-and-paste LinkedIn profile template you can download right now to build out your headline and the rest of your profile.)

The Secret to Engagement on LinkedIn

Thanks to its revamped, real-time, 1-on-1 messaging platform, LinkedIn has become one of the best places on the planet to find and engage your ideal prospects in an effective fashion.

The key, of course, is knowing what to say in order to move someone you just connected to on LinkedIn from new connection to client or customer. 

Utilize This Copy-and-Paste LinkedIn Messaging Script

I’ve spent the past 6 years building my entire business around clients and customers I came across on LinkedIn, and with 17,500 connections, I have an ample audience to test out my 1-on-1 messaging strategies on.

The script below is far and away the most effective and engaging one I’ve ever created in 72 straight months of doing this.

Best of all, it’s not sleazy, spammy or sales-y in any fashion.

How To Engage Effectively on LinkedIn

Here’s why this script works: The people you meet on LinkedIn (or any other social platform) want you to ask permission before you start trying to sell them.

This sales script does that, and, in addition to working like crazy, it also doesn’t make people angry, offended or upset when they receive it from me.

It’s a two part script, and you can start utilizing this approach when you message prospects on LinkedIn or other social platforms.

Note: The goal of this script (I send it to my 1-on-1 connections as a LinkedIn message) is to get prospective customers or clients to check out my free LinkedIn lead generation webinar.

Here’s part 1 of the script, and notice how it is conversational and friendly in its tone:

Hey [NAME] – hope you are well!

Curious – Are you interested in using LinkedIn to find new clients or customers?

If so, I have a great (and free) webinar I can send you a link to, along with some copy-and-paste invitation scripts, LinkedIn message templates and sequences I use called “Messaging Magic.”

(Note: It’s not about being pushy, sales-y or spammy, but rather replicating those real-life, 1-on-1 conversations you have with prospects in real life using LinkedIn.)

If you’d like to see how it works, just reply with the word “YES” and I can shoot you over a link to the webinar and message scripts.

And if you’re not interested, no worries at all.


Notice, there are four key components to this script:

1. You ask a question – “Curious – are you interested in XYZ?”

2. You offer value – “If so, I have a free XYZ…”

3. You ask permission – “Just reply with the word YES and I’ll send it over…”

4. You don’t pressure them – “If you’re not interested, no worries at all.”

Now, if the person replies “YES” (I’ve given them a super easy and fast way to tell me they want more info), then I send this follow up script:


Here’s a link to the free webinar: https://linkedinriches.com/webinar-coaching/

(Note: Once you register, on the confirmation page you’ll get access to all the free “Messaging Magic” scripts and templates.)

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

If they say “No,” that’s fine too – I know that person isn’t ready right now and I can move onto another prospect. I’m not wasting my time bothering or chasing that person down for a reply.

If the person ignores me and doesn’t reply, that’s fine too – I’ll circle back in a few weeks with a different message, using the same principles I’ve outlined here.

It’s Your Turn

Feel free to take my scripts above and create your own version – maybe you can invite people to read a blog post, download an eBook, attend a webinar, even jump on the phone for a free consultation about the issue you mention.

As long as what you are offering is free and of value and interest to the prospect, and as long as you ask permission, this approach will work incredibly well.