3 Ways To Instantly Eliminate Annoying Content on LinkedIn

With 9 billion daily content impressions, LinkedIn’s member newsfeed is filled with both massive opportunity and noise.

I want to spend the rest of this post showing you how to cut through the clutter, make your own LinkedIn newsfeed more useful and (most important) how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by others.

Tip 1: Curate Your LinkedIn Experience

The social networks you enjoy the most are those you can open and immediately find something of interest.

The same goes for LinkedIn, and it’s important that you give the platform some direction and insight on what it is you want to see on your personal feed.

LinkedIn shared some tips in a recent blog on how to do this.

“[Your newsfeed] is personalized for you based on your profile and relationships in order to surface topics you care about from people who matter in your professional world,” LinkedIn noted in its post.

Cleaning up your newsfeed will help you stay on top of relevant news, companies, and thought leaders in your industry, which is vital to staying competitive and winning new business on the platform.

LinkedIn’s recent redesign has made it easier to mute and unfollow posts and conversations you’re not interested in, while also telling the platform what news outlets, influencers and topics you want to hear more from.

Tip 2: Hide Content, People and Ads that Don’t Matter to You

On both the LinkedIn mobile app and its desktop design, you can click the “…” (known as the control icon) to the right of any post in your newsfeed to pull up some curation options.

Those three little dots will allow you to hide posts from your feed, follow or unfollow individuals or companies, and also hide sponsored content and ads as well.

By making some slight modifications to curate your feed, it will signal LinkedIn to show you the most relevant information, saving your time and making the resource far more valuable.

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Tip 3: Use the Mobile Version’s “Improve my Feed’ feature

On the LinkedIn mobile app, you have an additional option to help you enhance your newsfeed.

Under that same “…” control icon, you’ll see an option that says “Improve my feed.” These preference settings make it easier clean up your feed by following and unfollowing different connections, as well as “Follow Fresh Perspectives,” where LinkedIn will suggest top voices in your industry and will update your feed with relevant information.

“This feature is coming soon to desktop, but any updates you make on mobile will be reflected in your feed, no matter where you access it.,” LinkedIn shared in its recent blog post.

Bonus Tip: How To Get Your Content Noticed on LinkedIn!

On LinkedIn, the content you create (and share) is the currency you need to “buy” the time, interest and attention of prospective clients on the site.

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By creating useful, pitch-free content that helps a target, niche audience you want to serve solve one of their professional problems, you immediately place yourself in a position to win new business.

Now, when it comes to getting that content of yours noticed inside the LinkedIn newsfeed, it all starts with eye-catching text and imagery.

I’ve shared elsewhere how to write awesome LinkedIn headlines, including proven formulas for copy-and-paste headline templates and more.

It goes without saying that “text only” updates are going to fall flat on LinkedIn, so make sure you always include an eye-catching photo, or else link to something online that enables LinkedIn to add in a preview image and text.

Finally, the best way to get seen repeatedly on LinkedIn is to use video.

Streaming video, in particular, creates an irresistible, eye-catching item that will stop the scroll through any newsfeed.

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Whether it’s about improving your own experience, getting noticed more or both, there’s no reason to wait when it comes to improving your LinkedIn newsfeed.

Once you do, you’ll immediately get way more value (and sales leads) as a result!