A Simple New Way To Engage Prospective Customers on LinkedIn

One-on-one, personalized marketing is powerful. Because LinkedIn realizes this, the world’s largest social network for professionals just unveiled some helpful new messaging features aimed at sparking conversations between connections.

You’ve probably noticed LinkedIn already features copy-and-paste conversations starters like congratulating someone on a work anniversary or wishing someone a happy birthday.

Here’s where it gets good: Some recent updates to LinkedIn messaging, first released on the mobile platform and coming to desktop soon, include various scripts to help you break the ice and begin online networking conversations.

Watch this video to get a look at the new messaging features in action:

“With conversation starters, you can spend less time figuring out what to say, and more time having conversations that help you get ahead and reach your professional goals,” LinkedIn noted in announcing the new feature.

How It Works

On the mobile platform, when you create a new message to send to someone, you can tap the lightbulb icon inside your messaging area to receive several different suggestions for starting conversations. Examples include “I noticed you’re also connected to [name of a mutual connection you both have]” or “I see you’re connected to 6 people at [Company Name]” and so on.

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Going Beyond Data to Get Personal

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn to land new business means you can’t simply have your experience reduced to a resume and data points.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, and having casual business conversations with your contacts helps humanize you!

Before you get too excited about messaging new and existing LinkedIn connections, make sure that you first have what I call a client-facing profile.

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Keep in mind, once you message someone, he or she is likely going to want to check out your profile as part of the interaction. That’s why ensuring your LinkedIn profile talks about the audiences you serve and how you help them achieve their goals is so important as a foundational marketing strategy on the network.

Keeping it Real

Ultimately, these new “conversation starters” from LinkedIn are simply a jumping off point.

The key to writing irresistible LinkedIn messages is keeping it personal and conversational.

Whether your company is large or small, you should treat your customers and prospects like human beings!

Continuing to apply the right amount emotional connection and personality will set you apart from the masses when it comes to sparking new conversations and generating business on LinkedIn.