Do NOT Publish Another LinkedIn Post Until You Read This!

There no more effective, fast or better way to build instant Likability, Credibility and Trust online than with video.

And LinkedIn is no exception!

So before you publish another post or update on LinkedIn, consider adding video to it.

It might be you on camera.

It might be a screen recording showing people how to do something.

It might be an event or environment you want to show off.

If you don’t know where to start, visit my How To Video Marketing page for all my tips and tools.

And if you don’t have TIME to create your own video, YouTube literally has BILLIONS of hours of video available to choose from and share instantly on LinkedIn.

Movie clips, songs, how-to examples, case studies, news clips … there’s a whole lot more over on YouTube besides funny cat videos.

So get creative! Take an extra moment to enhance your posts on LinkedIn with a fun YouTube clip that helps drive home a key point of your post.

(Sometimes those silly little clips can lead to a BIG payday as well.)