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Tips on LinkedIn Publishing

Why Storytelling is the Secret Sauce of Successful Sales

There’s no better – or more powerful – sales tool, whether it’s on LinkedIn or anywhere else, than storytelling. And no tale is more important for your personal or professional brand than what marketers call your “Creation Story.”

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How to Write Awesome LinkedIn Headlines

Here’s a foolproof formula for writing LinkedIn headlines that your ideal audience will find impossible to resist!

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4 DIY Tools for Creating Online Marketing Videos

Whether going on camera, creating slick presentations or using animation and graphics, here are 4 easy-to-use tools that help you create compelling – and professional quality – videos.

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How to get the “Brad Pitt effect” with your posts on LinkedIn!

Want people to react to your LinkedIn posts like you’re a famous movie star? If you use this creative technique, you’ll quickly see Hollywood-type accolades (and sales leads!) headed your way!

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3 Simple Tips to Generate Nonstop B2B Sales Leads on LinkedIn!

In case you missed it, LinkedIn now accounts for nearly 2/3 of ALL corporate website traffic that comes via social media channels! Here are 3 Simple Tips to help you take advantage!

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