The 5-Minute LinkedIn Sales Trick You Can Do While Brewing Your Morning Coffee

In today’s always-on marketplace, the one resource you never seem to have enough of is time.

And, since sales leads are like oxygen to any thriving business, you have no choice but to spend time every day finding, engaging and nurturing those new prospects until they (ideally) become clients.

Good news – the process is about to get far easier and faster, and the avenue to save your time and effort starts by understanding how to properly utilize LinkedIn to generate more business for yourself.

The LinkedIn Shortcut You’ve Been Looking For

What follows is one of the fastest methods I’ve seen to date in terms of how to identify, organize and engage with your target audience on LinkedIn.

It takes just a few minutes to execute, and best of all, it automatically works behind the scenes online while you sip your morning coffee or use your time elsewhere.

It’s called LinMailPro, and it’s a Google Chrome browser extension that works as an add-on inside of your LinkedIn account.

I met the guy who created it (Laurie Tubb) a while back and have been using the tool for several months now. It’s hands-down the best automated LinkedIn “hack” I’ve found to date in terms of lead generation and sales.

Here’s a video of how you can use LinMailPro to locate and engage your ideal prospects on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Lead Generation in a Few Simple Steps

As you can see in the video above, it’s a simple process:

  1. Find Your Target Audience Using LinkedIn Search.
  2. Add Those New Prospects to the LinMailPro Queue.
  3. Choose which LinkedIn Tags to apply inside LinMailPro.
  4. Run LinMailPro & Send Personalized Invitations to Each Prospect Individually.

Important: Use Your LinkedIn Invitations Wisely!

Remember, the key to success on LinkedIn is personalized, 1-on-1 marketing.

It is not about volume.

It is about quality.

Use automated tools like LinMailPro wisely. Don’t get lazy and just spam random people with impersonal invites to connect. Make sure you put some thought into the process:

  • Are these my ideal, targeted prospects?
  • Do I have a client-attracting LinkedIn profile in place?
  • Am I sending a personalized invite to connect?
  • Do I have a follow-up plan in place for 1-on-1, personalized messages I can use once that new prospect accepts my invitation?

It takes some thought and planning to set up, but once you do have a sales funnel in place on LinkedIn, you can generate some impressive results in a short amount of time.

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Client-Ready?

I can’t stress this point enough: If you haven’t already, make sure your personal LinkedIn profile is in tip-top shape before you start using a tool like LinMailPro to funnel prospects your way.

Otherwise, it’s like inviting important people over to your home for a visit but neglecting to clean up the house first.

With that said, if you truly offer a product or service that can appeal to a specific, targeted audience gathered on LinkedIn, then the process should be simple:

  • Find that Audience.
  • Invite them to Connect.
  • Build a Relationship. Find out what they need help with, etc.
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise or Value BEFORE asking for anything.
  • Ask for the Sale.

If you follow that simple strategy, you’ll find that these professionals (A) Want to connect with you, (B) Want to hear from you – assuming the first thing you send isn’t a sales pitch – and (C) Will purchase from you after you’ve built up enough trust to earn the sale.

This is why I love LinkedIn, and why I spend every day teaching Small Business Owners, Sales Executives, Business Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, Consultants and many others how to generate business for themselves using this platform.

With 400 million professionals in 200+ countries, trust me when I say your audience is ready and waiting to hear from you over on LinkedIn … if you use the right approach!