DOUBLE the Value of LinkedIn Testimonials!

Thumbs up on white backgroundWhen a stranger lands on our LinkedIn profile page or company website, one of the first things he or she wants to now is, “How can I TRUST this person or product?”

For decades, TESTIMONIALS have been the #1 way to create instant trust and credibility for products, brands or individual business people. And the best type of testimonials feature a REAL person – with a name, face and even company name or occupation as well.

A Missed Opportunity

Now chances are, you have hundreds (if not thousands) of connections here on LinkedIn. I’m even willing to bet that you actually know or do business with many of the people you’re connected to! 😉

So why aren’t you asking them for recommendations here on LinkedIn?

Even better, why aren’t you then taking those new LinkedIn recommendations you receive and DOUBLING THE VALUE of them?

Watch this video and I’ll explain how it works:

How about it? Have you done this yet? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!