How To Get “Found” More Easily on LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn to look for leads and clients, it’s mission critical that you are “found” easily. With over a half a billion users and 2 new members joining each second, your ability to set yourself apart on the network matters.

This is why the time and effort you invest into content marketing on the network is paramount to your success.

Now, thanks to a recent change by LinkedIn, your return on that investment just got infinitely better.

LinkedIn recently announced that, by default, anything you post on the site is viewable for anyone on the web to find or see via Google Search.

Content is King – Especially for Business Coaches and Consultants

Your content is the cost you pay to get in front of your ideal audience, and now every piece of content you publish on LinkedIn is “public” (unless you change your user settings).

Obviously this is a great thing for any business coach, consultant, or relationship-based business.

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to win new business on LinkedIn is by getting your personality in front of potential prospects through your content.

You want to be “found” online, and this adds even more SEO juice to your content efforts on LinkedIn.

Here’s the Most Valuable Content for your Ideal Clients

While the dream is to write the perfect blog post, have it go viral and you end up with thousands of leads, that isn’t always the way things go on LinkedIn or anywhere else online.

The reality is that content marketing is a grind, and you have to stay consistently in front of your audience, making sure you are demonstrating your authority vs. just claiming it.

The best way to demonstrate your expertise is to make sure each piece of content you share truly solves a problem your ideal clients and customers need help with.

If your blog post is a sales pitch or too self-promoting, and hasn’t offered something of value to the reader, it’s not going to be effective.

Also, the more specific you can be the better. Hyper target your topic to a specific audience and promote your content using LinkedIn’s advanced search techniques.

P.S. Don’t Forget Native Video for Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Blog posts and podcasts are old hat on LinkedIn, but the platform’s recent release of native video should definitely be added into your repertoire.

Native video is an ideal way to get your personality out front because it instantly builds the “Know, Like and Trust” factors that become a critical component of any coaching or consulting relationship.

If you’re a business coach or consultant, giving others the ability to see you, hear you and engage with you on the emotional level that audio and video provides is priceless.

Next to meeting face-to-face, nothing bridges that gap to winning the trust (and business!) of prospects more quickly than online video or audio.

Final Thoughts

Remember that each blog post, video or podcast you create is your cost of entry to the massive party of prospects who are already hanging out on LinkedIn.

If you can offer some free expertise or advice that is helpful and relevant without a blatant sales pitch, you’ve then earned the right to stay and talk more.

And, best of all, creating and sharing your original content on LinkedIn now exposes you to a global, public audience that can discover you and your expertise thanks to the power of SEO and Search Engines.