The Hair-Raising LinkedIn Exchange You Have to See to Believe

Here’s why I love using 1-on-1 LinkedIn Messages as my main lead generation / selling strategy on the platform.

The other day a successful entrepreneur named Jeffrey Howard asked me to connect after reading a free copy of my book LinkedIn Riches (which I give away as a lead magnet), and he referenced all my 1980s jokes and stories that were sprinkled into the LinkedIn tips I was teaching.

Turns out not only does Jeffrey love the 1980s, too, but he was in a Hair Metal band (photo proof below!) that played all over LA with Poison, Warrant and other big names from that era:

Now Jeffrey (he’s in the red outfit in the photo) is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach, and we had a blast going back-and-forth inside LinkedIn Messages talking 1980s Hair Metal Bands.

You can do this type of real-time, 1-on-1 engagement ALL DAY LONG on LinkedIn, and have FUN with it.

(LinkedIn even includes the options to add GIFs inside those messaging conversations, so you can bet I was sending Jeff a few from 1980s Hair Metal bands.)

Personal + Professional

Notice how sharing a bit about myself via my content (talking about growing up in the 1980s) while also delivering LinkedIn advice / tips helped Jeffrey not only get to know, like and trust me, but to also reach out with his 1980s story and photo in our ensuing conversation.

Again, using 1-on-1 LinkedIn Messages like a series of virtual coffee meetings is the way to go. Break the ice, be conversational, ask questions, go back and forth and mix together the personal & professional just like you do in real life.

Given that you’re only spending time with your ideal prospects on the platform inside these 1-on-1 messages, it’s worth your time to engage and converse this way.

Best of all, you can scale this type of relationship-building like crazy because you don’t have to leave your phone or laptop to do it.

Rock on!