How to Utilize LinkedIn’s New Messaging Platform

LinkedIn just did something brilliant.

And if you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you, it’s going to make selling on the world’s largest social network for professionals much easier – and fun – as a result.

Before I reveal LinkedIn’s bold new move, I want to recap what several hundred years of psychological research (and common sense) have revealed about human beings:

  • We love to laugh.
  • We love to be entertained.
  • We love to be surprised.
  • We love expressing our emotions.
  • We love to have personal, friendly conversations with one another.

linkedin new messaging platform

LinkedIn Messages: People Matter!

Let me ask you – when’s the last time you sent (or received) a business-related message that encompassed the items I just listed?

When we make the mistake of viewing someone purely as a potential transaction instead of real person, we miss the opportunity to make more sales. (And, frankly, to be a better human being!)

We also, I believe, make a mistake when we think people only want data-driven, bland communications instead of more personal interactions via messages.

Sales research has proven beyond a doubt people buy when they’re emotional. We just use the data and logic later on to justify the purchase to ourselves or others.

The Big Reveal

Here’s where LinkedIn’s big change comes in.

In case you missed it, LinkedIn has completely overhauled and redesigned its on-site messaging system. If you don’t already, you’ll soon have access to it both via the LinkedIn App and the desktop version of the platform.

In short, LinkedIn has tried to make the 1-on-1 messages we send to other professionals we’re connected with more fun.

Think of how you text or instant message with friends … it’s chatty, its’ fun, it’s conversational. You might even insert images or animated GIFs to illustrate a point or share how you’re feeling.

Happy Emoji in linkedin new messaging platform

LinkedIn Messages Tip: Blend Personal and Professional!

Well, LinkedIn’s new messaging system now allows you to do all of that with ease, and it’s a brilliant business move.

A caveat: This doesn’t mean you should start sending goofball messages and silly cat videos to all your contacts on LinkedIn just for the heck of it.

Instead, try and blend the personal and professional. You still need to deliver whatever information or value you have to someone, but you can add in some personality and entertainment while you do it.

I call it “info-tainment” (information + entertainment) and it works wonders online.

I understand, depending on who your audience is and who you are, that joking around or sending silly GIFs might not be appropriate in some instances.

But let’s not forget something important: The person on the other end of your LinkedIn messages is still a person. He or she likes to smile and laugh. He or she wants to be noticed, recognized, respected, and complimented. He or she wants to talk about his or her passions, interests and goals.

make fun in linkedin new messaging platform

That’s why hyper-personalized, 1-on-1 marketing is the secret the success when it comes to selling more of your product or service on LinkedIn.

And – great news! – LinkedIn just made it even easier to accomplish with this new feature.

Get to it!

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