How to Make LinkedIn Groups Your BFF!

One of LinkedIn’s most powerful features lies within its millions of Professional Groups. The reason I love LinkedIn Groups is that they gather all of our ideal prospects in one place.

Imagine a dinner party or business mixer where everyone is seated together according to industry type, job title, common interests or other professional characteristics. And they’re all available to listen to YOU talk to them directly. (Talk about fish in a barrel!)

Well, that’s EXACTLY how LinkedIn Groups work.

Want to network with Dentists in Miami? There’s a Group for that.

Need to reach B2B Sales Professionals globally? There’s a Group for that.

Want Free Marketing Tips for Your Debt Collection Agency? There’s a Group for that.

Here’s the Problem – We’re Not Being Good Guests!

The downside is that many LinkedIn Groups have turned into a spam wasteland, with flood after flood of self-promoting posts and links that add nothing of value and don’t spark any type of discussions.

It’s like this: Imagine walking into a formal dinner party at a neighbor’s house, looking at the guests, and then announcing, “Okay, everybody, I want you to stop talking, LEAVE this party and come across the street to my house to check out what I have going on!”

If you did, the host of that dinner party wouldn’t like you very much, and many of the guests would look at you as little more than a self-promoting huckster. Safe to say you wouldn’t be welcome back anytime soon!

We wouldn’t do something like that in real life … yet too many of us are doing it on LinkedIn Groups every day!

Why LinkedIn Group Moderators Hate (Some of) Us

What I mean is this: Let’s say you have a new piece of content that you’re REALLY excited about, and you want to share it with your target audience on LinkedIn.

So you take advantage of LinkedIn’s Groups feature and share a link to your content in up to 50 LinkedIn Groups all at once. (If you don’t know how to do that, I’ll show you in a minute how it works!)

But what you’re really doing is walking into someone else’s online house as an invited guest and then telling everyone to leave and come over to your house instead.

The Solution – Stay at the Party!

Good news – there’s an easy “win-win” solution where you’ll accomplish your goal (getting people to check out your content or link) AND the Group Moderator will keep guests at his or her online party and be happy.

The bottom line is, LinkedIn Group Moderators and Owners want the conversation and engagement to stay INSIDE THEIR GROUPS, so if you want the right to talk to their audience, you have to actually “stay at the party” long enough to engage guests in an online discussion that is hosted and held INSIDE THE GROUP.

Watch this video to see what I’m talking about. (Note: If you already know how to instantly post your content to 50 LinkedIn Groups at once, skip ahead to the 4:45 mark of the video to find out my strategy on how to share your posts inside LinkedIn Groups WITHOUT ticking off the moderators!)