How to Find Fresh, Hot Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently released a POWERFUL new analytics feature that should have you salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs!

Here’s why: This feature makes it easier than ever to find people who are ALREADY engaging with and enjoying your content on LinkedIn, and it allows you to DIRECTLY reach out to them based on the post or piece of content they liked or engaged with.

It’s called “Who’s Viewed My Posts,” and if you have access to it (everyone should soon, if you don’t already), you’ll find it along the top of your “Who’s Viewed My Profile” page.

So on the main LinkedIn menu, go to “Profile–Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and if you have access to this new feature, you’ll see this type of layout:

Who Viewed Posts

The “Who’s Viewed Your Posts” feature takes every piece of content you’ve ever published as a blog on LinkedIn and tells you SPECIFICALLY which individual people are Liking, Sharing and Commenting on your posts. It displays their profiles right there for you, enabling you to INSTANTLY reach out to those people and connect, send a message, etc.

In this example LinkedIn is displaying 13 profiles of people who “Liked” a recent post of mine:


I can quickly scan each profile, and if that person makes sense for me as a potential sales lead or client, I can immediately reach out to him or her with a message or invitation to connect.

Best of all, I have CONTEXT for the CONVERSATION.

“Hey [NAME] – So glad you liked my recent LinkedIn post on [TOPIC XYZ]! What was your favorite part? Also, since I noticed you liked that post, you might also love my free [eBook/Video/White Paper/Blog, etc.] on [RELATED TOPIC]. Cheers!”

See how I can use that script to move people further into my Content Marketing funnel?

Also see how I use an open-ended question about the content to prompt a REPLY from them? (Yes, you liked the post, thank you, but what was your favorite part? Tell me more! Let’s engage!)

Or maybe it’s a more DIRECT ask:

“Hey [NAME] – So glad you liked my recent LinkedIn post on [TOPIC XYZ]! What was your favorite part? Also, if you’re interested I’d be happy to jump on the phone to explain more about [TOPIC XYZ]…”

It all depends on what the topic is and how your particular sales funnel works.

But the bottom line is, people are essentially pre-qualifying themselves as potential leads when they Like, Comment or Share your content here on LinkedIn.

However, that does NOT mean you should start hammering anyone who likes your post with a sleazy sales offer.

Remember this: Your ASK should be in direct proportion to the amount of TRUST you’ve earned with a prospect so far.

So if they just hit “Like,” you might want to (A) Acknowledge and thank them and (B) Invite them to consume similar content. That’s a small, easy ASK.

However, if they Commented or Shared your post and wrote something like, “Wow, this Nemo guy’s a genius! Totally what I need to revamp my business! Everyone should read this post ASAP!” that might be a good person to reach out to and offer a more direct interaction to. That’s a much bigger ASK.

One other powerful thing I love about this new “Who’s Viewed Your Posts” feature on LinkedIn is the depth of general analytics it gives you. It will tell you things like the job titles, industries and locations of people looking at your post, along with how they found it:

General Stats

In this instance, I can see that 36 percent of the people who liked this post were in the Marketing & Advertising industry. And 16 percent were in Financial Services.

I can also discover that people with job titles like “Salesperson” and “Marketing Specialist” were the biggest viewers. Also, I see nearly 40 percent of my views on this post came from people living in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and that 19 percent found this post because I had it displayed on my main LinkedIn profile page.

This is priceless data because it tells me WHO is looking at my content, WHERE they are coming from, HOW they found me, and more.

Now I can reverse engineer that into a future post like this: “How Marketing Specialists can Generate More Leads with LinkedIn” or “Everything a Minneapolis/St. Paul Professional Needs to Know About LinkedIn.”

See how it works?

Are you salivating yet? 😉

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