An Easy Way to Keep Tabs on Your Top LinkedIn Prospects

Imagine walking into a huge convention hall or meeting space where your ideal prospects are milling about, and having instant access to all the key information you need to close a deal with each person in the room.

Pretty powerful concept, right?

Well, LinkedIn wants to help you make that theory a reality, and the solution is hiding in plain sight.

It’s called the LinkedIn “Relationship” tab, and here’s where you find can find it when viewing one of your 1st degree connection’s profiles:

Relationship TAB

If you understand how to use the LinkedIn Relationship Tab to keep track of your top prospects on the world’s largest professional social network, you’re going to close more deals as a result.

Read on to see how it works!

LinkedIn Relationship Tab: Timing is Everything

Once you click on the LinkedIn Relationship Tab, you’ll see a few options. One of the most powerful features here is the “Reminder” section, which lets you set an automated reminder (using LinkedIn’s built-in notifications feature) to follow up with this prospect in a specific period of time:

Reminder TAB

It’s ideal for someone who says, “Check back with me next month” about a possible sale, presentation or meeting.

LinkedIn Relationship Tab: Take Note!

Another powerful feature is the ability to take (and edit) notes on your prospects. LinkedIn allows you to add multiple notes, and they’re saved directly on that person’s profile page, so anytime you land on it you can have a quick reminder of what makes that prospect tick or what he or she enjoys away from work.

Here’s an example:

Note TAB

Use this feature to take both work-related notes and to give yourself non-work related reminders of this prospect as a person – his or her hobbies, family members, favorite activities, etc. Those “non-work” items give you great ways to engage the person with a fun, low pressure, 1-on-1 LinkedIn message from time to time that keeps you front of mind and makes you more likable and relatable in his or her eyes.

LinkedIn Relationship Tab: How You Met!

This section of the “Relationship” tab is great for reminding yourself where you met this prospect and perhaps who introduced you as well, thus increasing credibility and helping you remind the prospect of how and why you connected to begin with:

How you met TAB

LinkedIn Relationship Tab: Tag – You’re It!

The final element of the LinkedIn Relationship Tab that you can use is the “Tag” feature, which is a powerful way to organize and sort your existing LinkedIn connections into segmented lists or groups.

If you haven’t already, apply a tag on the spot to put your potential customer into one of your pre-defined tag lists, or else create a new one on the spot:


If you haven’t already, make sure you watch the training video that goes with this post as I walk through how each feature works.

With that in mind, get going! Start keeping “tabs” on your ideal prospects on LinkedIn the easy way!