The Secret To Leveraging Linkedin Video With Julian White!


Meet Today's Guest - Julian White

Julian White helps Business Owners create a Self Managed Business which allows them to generate more profits, more free time, and a saleable business.

Julian has worked with some of the globe's biggest interactive entertainment brands. For example, he launched Warner Bros. Interactive in Australia, transitioned it during an acquisition by GT Interactive ( Doom, Quake, etc.) and scaled it up from $0 to $48 million in yearly revenue.

He helped launch some of the most popular video games (Mortal Kombat, Doom, Grand Theft Auto, etc.) on the planet.

Additionally, Julian took his own startup and scaled it from $0 to $26 million in less than a decade!

From Supply Chain to Sales and Marketing, from Distribution to Wholesale and Retailers, from HR and Business Processes to Cashflow Analysis, from Investors to scaling your Startup, Julian White brings 25 years of real, "in the trenches" experience to his 1-on-1 and Mastermind Group Coaching clients.

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