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LinkedIn Ads: What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Curious about whether or not LinkedIn’s Advertising platform will work for you?

Wonder no more.

I spent half an hour picking the brain of someone who has been running successful LinkedIn Advertising campaigns for scores of clients (large and small) since early 2011 –AJ Wilcox.

In this 30 minute interview for the LinkedIn Riches Podcast, AJ will help you discover:

  • What he’s learned managing hundreds of high-converting LinkedIn Ad Campaigns since 2011.
  • What type of LinkedIn Ads work best – and WHY.
  • Who should be using LinkedIn Ads (and who should NOT!).
  • What you can expect to pay for LinkedIn Ads right now.
  • A hidden opportunity for low-cost, high-value results he’s seeing on LinkedIn’s Advertising platform right now.

Visit the LinkedIn Riches Podcast page to listen, or else just click the YouTube video below:

Want More?

Make sure you connect with AJ on LinkedIn and visit his B2Linked site for more tips, insights and expertise on all things LinkedIn Advertising.

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