3 Big LinkedIn Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them!)

If you want to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation and sales, these are 3 critical mistakes you MUST avoid at all costs!

I've talked often about how the money is in the mailbox when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn for sales and marketing.

As a result, I spend countless hours each week sending and reading 1-on-1 messages on the platform.

Time and again, I see the same 3 mistakes happening over and over - and it's time to not just name them, but offer some solutions instead!

Mistake #1 - Trying To Marry Me On The First Date

The #1 mistake I see in my LinkedIn inbox is people sharing content / links / etc. with me that I didn't ever ASK for.

Don't ASSUME people want to read / see / listen to / view your content ... in addition to irritating people who already feel unable to keep up with the daily flood of digital content hammering their every sense and didn't ask YOU to contribute to their overwhelm, you waste YOUR time by not knowing if someone is even a good prospect for your product or service.

Solution #1 - Ask Permission & Qualify!

When you send a 1-on-1 message to a new prospect, make sure you ask PERMISSION in order to QUALIFY if a person is even interested in what you have to offer as a starting point!

Here's a script you can use ...

Curious, NAME - are you looking for any tips or insights on XYZ Topic?

The reason I ask is, I've got a great (Free Resource that demonstrates my expertise and helps you get some quick wins) I'd be happy to send over.

If you're interested, just reply YES or 👍 and I can send it over.

And if you're not interested, ZERO worries.

Be well!

Mistake #2 - Asking For Time Right Away

The #2 mistake I see is people wanting to have a call / meeting / etc. with me to pitch their product / service WITHOUT even asking me if I'm interested in it!

In addition to not even knowing if I'm a good prospect, the other person is making it clear they're just wanting to sell / pitch me something that they don't even know if I'm interested in or can afford, etc.

The bigger issue too is this - why would you waste YOUR valuable time booking meetings and calls with people that you haven't vetted and qualified yet as a legit and "ready to buy" prospect!?

Solution #2 - Start Valuing YOUR Time Instead!

SOLUTION: Start with ASKING if someone is even interested in what you have to offer and do more work up front to qualify them before you give up YOUR time ... after all, why would you want to book calls with someone who isn't qualified or even interested in or able to afford your product/service?

Mistake #3 - Let's Have a Call and "Get To Know Each Other" or "Explore Mutual Opportunities" or "Network"

There is so much wrong with this approach I don't know where to start! 🤦‍♂️

First off, we live in a digital age where you can, within seconds, know EVERYTHING you need to about a person - where he or she lives, works, went to school, etc.

Take 15 seconds to scan someone's LinkedIn profile, for example, and you instantly have both ice breakers for your messages AND a great sense of that person's career journey, work passions and focus, etc.

There's no reason you need to waste time on a live call asking someone "Tell me about yourself ..." when you can find all that info online in mere seconds!

Also, thinking selfishly of yourself, saying YES to those requests means you're giving up your most precious commodity (time!) for FREE to someone who (A) might not even be a quality prospect for you (B) doesn't really know, like or trust you yet and where (C) you have no idea if they can afford your services.

Solution #3: Use Content as "Currency" To Qualify and "Buy" The Time & Attention of Prospects

One thing I find insane is coaches or consultants who allow ANYONE online to book a free 15 or 30 minute Zoom "Discovery" call right without jumping through any qualifying hoops.

Or those who give out their direct cell phone number / phone line in messages or on their LinkedIn profile.

You're basically asking to waste time with unqualified prospects and tire kickers as a result!

Instead, start valuing your expertise and creating CONTENT that prospects can start with in order to (A) get to know, like and trust you and (B) see you demonstrate your expertise instead of just claiming it.

Pair that great content with a call to action like an online survey or application form to further qualify a prospect, and then, if the person has (A) been "warmed up" already through your content and (B) has filled out the survey and looks like a legit prospect, you can hop on the phone and take the next step.