LinkedIn Publishing Secrets Revealed

Before you hit “Publish” on your next LinkedIn post, you need to read these quick tips!

Tip 1: Let’s Get Visual

The one question I get asked over and over again is … “How do you get those clickable opt-in boxes and images inside your posts?”

Ones like this:

The way you do it is, you use the LinkedIn Publishing tool to insert an image. (Just click the little camera icon on the Publishing menu.)

Pick an image to insert. (I like to use screenshots of opt-in forms from my website, like the one above, or else if I like stock photo sites like Dollar Photo Club too.)

After the image gets dropped into your editor, click on the image and it will turn blue – similar to how a section of text does when you highlight it.

While the image is highlighted/blue, click the Hyperlink tool in the Publishing menu (it looks like links in a chain) and insert a URL.


You now have a “clickable” image that can lead to a landing page on your website for an opt-in form, a White Paper or whatever else.

Tip 2: Headline Hacks

You can write prose prettier than Hemingway, but if you headline stinks, nobody will read it!

Here’s my FAVORITE new “anyone can do it” way to write awesome headlines.

It’s an Internet Browser add-on called Headlinr, and what it does is create awesome headlines FOR YOU. All you do is put in the topic or subject of your post, and Headlinr does the rest.

In this instance, I wanted to come with a blog post headline for the topic of “LinkedIn Publishing.” I typed that phrase into Headlinr, and here’s how fast it works:

Let’s say I wanted to write a blog about Skydiving School. Watch how Headlinr does the same thing for that topic:

What’s cool is that Headlinr has HUNDREDS of these proven headline formulas … I think like 300 or more at last count … that you can scroll through and use.

I’ve been using it for email subject lines, LinkedIn post headlines and more. (NOTE: You can Headlinr here if you’re interested. This is an affiliate link, so I do get a cut if you purchase it. As of this writing it costs $17 or $27 depending on how you want to use it)

I also have a FREE eBook called “Headline Hero” that delves into both the science and style of killer headline writing along with 40 pre-done, “fill in the blank” templates you can use:

Those two tips alone (Clickable Images and Killer Headlines) will make a HUGE impact on your LinkedIn Publishing efforts!

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