The Big #Fail on LinkedIn (And How to Fix it!)

If you’re struggling to generate meaningful leads or land your dream job using LinkedIn, one major reason might be this: Nobody knows who you are!

Think about it … the BEST way you sell yourself to a potential client or employer is face-to-face. That way the person gets to see you, hear you, respond to your body language and facial expressions, pick up your intelligence and enthusiasm, begin to bond with you emotionally … it’s been that way for thousands of years.

Yet we expect, bland, boring TEXT to create that same type of warm, emotional bond with prospects or potential bosses.

No wonder we’re spinning our wheels.

Video is the Answer!

Listen: If you want to generate more sales leads, score more face time with prospective clients or land your dream job using LinkedIn, you MUST add video to your profile page!

Watch the video here:

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