Why Your Next Coffee Meetup Just Got Way Easier

Imagine your phone popping up an alert a few minutes before your coffee meetup, and then tapping on the alert and getting instant access to that person’s LinkedIn profile, which, in turn, gives you priceless personal and professional information to maximize your engagement during the meetup.

That’s the idea behind one of LinkedIn’s newest feature, which helps you carry and access everything you need to know for your next meeting all in the palm of your hand.

LinkedIn’s New Calendar Integration

The world’s largest social network for professionals launched a savvy new feature that lets you integrate your calendar and upcoming appointments with LinkedIn, enabling you to get a quick, professional reference point (i.e., someone’s LinkedIn profile) as you head into the day’s coffee meetup or prospect pitch.

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“Have a meeting coming up with someone you haven’t spoken to for awhile? No worries, LinkedIn can help with that. Simply enable calendar sync so you can get notifications about who you’re meeting with next, and invite them to connect if they’re not already in your network,” LinkedIn shared announcing the new feature.  “When your meeting ends, check your notifications for a reminder to follow-up.”

This feature will help you leverage the treasure trove of personal and professional data available on the network.

Here’s a video showing you how it works:

Power in Your Palm

With 500 million members in 200 countries, and with 2 new members joining every second, virtually every professional you come into contact with has a LinkedIn profile. That’s a lot of data (and potential customers) at your fingertips!

And, right before you walk into a meeting, it’s brilliant that LinkedIn and your calendar can talk to one another, then surface the name, face and profile of the person you’re about to see.

As with anything, but especially in business, knowledge is power, and LinkedIn gives you the personalized data (such as where someone lives, went to college, etc.) for ice breakers, along with key professional information like his or her role at a company and work history.

You should make a habit of  taking a quick scan of that person’s profile and find a way to break the ice that doesn’t have to do with business. Maybe it’s where he or she went to school, or where he or she lives. The idea is to find a unique and personal way to begin a new conversation.
This will help you to personalize your pitch or the advice you’re looking to share, and foster the relationships that land you new business.

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Take LinkedIn into those real-world meetings and meet ups, and let the world’s largest social network for professionals be your personal assistant the next time you head into the coffee shop for a meeting!