The #1 Question I Get Asked About LinkedIn

In this episode of the LinkedIn Riches Podcast I share the TOP question people have about LinkedIn when I do live trainings AND what I tell them to do in response:


If you are NOT seeing the Premium Account options displayed like I show in this video, here’s why: LinkedIn has recently been “hiding” the Business-level account option. (This is the one that costs $29.99 per month.)

Many of you have told me that LinkedIn now only gives you ONE option – a $59.99 or higher Premium plan – when you click “Upgrade” from inside your account.

If that happens, here’s a workaround: Go ahead and purchase whatever monthly plan you see available, and then click “Live Chat” to talk with a LinkedIn Sales representative. At that point, when the LinkedIn sales person comes into the live chat, tell them you want to choose the “Business” plan option for $29.99 per month but didn’t see it listed.

The LinkedIn Sales representative will then switch you manually to that $29.99 plan. I’ve had several clients do this without any problems and it only takes a few minutes to pull off.

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