The 1 Secret Behind a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Believe it or not, a 1980s lyrical poet holds the key to crafting a killer LinkedIn profile.

Can you guess who I’m talking about? Here’s a hint: He made a hit MTV video where he wore Zubaz, did the “Running Man” and stole a classic guitar riff from one of the biggest bands of all-time. And then he fell off the face of the earth like so many other one-hit wonders do in the music industry.

But he shared the secret – and I reveal it in the video below – to crafting a killer LinkedIn profile:

Admit it … you LOVED seeing that song! LOL. Here’s the key takeaway:

To create a killer LinkedIn profile, you MUST make it “Client-Facing.”

That means you put away the bullhorn (“I worked here, I did this, I won this award, I do this, etc.”) and instead talk about the problems you solve for clients (“I help [IDEAL CLIENT] achieve [IDEAL CLIENT’S GOAL].”)

Now, an example of the WRONG way to do it would be: “I’m John Nemo, I am the founder of LinkedIn Riches, I’ve achieved XYZ using LinkedIn…”

When a prospect sees a profile that begins like that, they probably are reminded of this clip from “Anchorman”:

Now, the RIGHT way to write that first sentence of my profile, to make it CLIENT-FACING, looks like this:

WHAT I DO: I teach people how to leverage LinkedIn to Generate Leads, Add Clients and Increase Revenue!

See how much better that is? And how much more CLIENT-FACING it is?

To recap: If there was a problem generating leads on LinkedIn, Yo, I’ll solve it! Now check out the moves while my DJ revolves it! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Your Turn

Share in the comments what the first sentence of your current LinkedIn Summary is. And no cheating! Copy and paste whatever you have RIGHT NOW as the first sentence of your LinkedIn profile’s summary area, and I’ll help you make it more client facing here in the comments! 🙂