The #1 Secret to Selling More on LinkedIn

Before I reveal what it is, stop for a minute and think about the TV commercials for new cars that are aimed at men.

What is that type of TV commercial typically like?





Guys drive a sedan up the side of a mountain, or across a raging river. They tear through a forest, just missing trees … then the next shot shows them setting up a tent, sitting by the campfire with their beauty, looking up at the stars together, snuggling close. Or maybe sharing a cold one with the guys after a day of adventure.

Mission accomplished!

Here’s the point: People want to be excited about using your product or your service. They want to feel something.

People buy when they’re emotional.

Logic doesn’t convince people to buy. Emotion does. They just use logic later on tojustify their actions.

Now, you may be coming back at me saying, “But, John, I sell search engine optimization services. How do I make that exciting or emotional?”

Simple – what would get your potential client excited?

“Imagine if every time someone searched on Google for a chiropractor in Chicago,your clinic showed up on Page 1 of Google? How would that impact your business? How many more new patients would that bring in?”

If I’m a chiropractor in Chicago, the idea of new patients finding me and coming through my door gets me excited.

Tap into that benefit (more new patients finding you online) to sell the features of your product. (SEO for their website)

In my case, I’m selling video modules that teach you how to leverage LinkedIn to get more sales, clients and revenue.

I’m not exactly taking you to Mount Everest for expedition, but here’s the deal: Iknow that what I sell with LinkedIn Riches, with this training program, and the enthusiasm behind it has the potential to change your professional life.

It sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not.

I know this because it changed my professional life. LinkedIn allowed me to quit a day job I was miserable at, start my own company from scratch, and to make more money in my first 90 days working for myself than I had in an entire year at my day job.

Since then, I’ve seen LinkedIn change the professional fortunes for hundreds of my students, too.

And I convey that excitement, that energy and that anticipation … that hope … when I’m selling my training.

People respond. People buy.

You need to be doing the same thing. And you need to be passionate about it.

If you want me to buy your product or service, you need to make me FEEL SOMETHING.

Otherwise, it’s too easy for me to dismiss you. My brain is onto the next shiny object or piece of content that engages me emotionally.

Remember this: Attention follows Emotion.

Tap into that, and watch your sales soar as a result.

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