How to get the “Brad Pitt effect” with your posts on LinkedIn!

Brad Pitt 2Imagine for a moment that you’re a famous movie star like Brad Pitt. When you walk into a bar, all the beautiful people rush forward, fawning over you, thrusting slips of paper into your hand with their phone numbers and buying you drinks.

You’re the person everybody wants to be with. You’re the person everybody wants to talk to. You’re the person everybody wants to work with.

OK, confession time: I can’t make that happen for you in real life. But I can show you a technique to make it happen on LinkedIn!

Seriously: How great would it be to have people on LinkedIn literally putting their phone number in the public comments and singing “Call me, maybe!” every time you posted inside a Group?

Trust me, it’s way easier to make this a reality than it is to hang at the bar with the likes of Brad Pitt.

The Key to LinkedIn Love

The secret is what I call “reverse-engineering” the product or service you want to sell by turning it into the perfect LinkedIn Group post. If you’re able to do that, AND share it with the right audience, you’re going to start feeling like the Brad Pitt of LinkedIn Groups! (Notice I didn’t say “look like the Brad Pitt” – we can only work with what we’ve got, right?)

So does it work?

Watch the video below and see for yourself!