The New LinkedIn Feature You MUST See!

In case you hadn’t noticed, LinkedIn has taken a page from Facebook and now makes videos in our newsfeed automatically start playing.

It’s a HUGE deal, because attention is everything when it comes to standing out from the crowd inside the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Watch This Video To See How It Works:

Why Video Works So Well on LinkedIn

At our core, we human beings are visual creatures.

A moving image or video is guaranteed to give a person pause, because our eyes can’t help but stop our thumb from scrolling to see what the heck that movement is all about.

Those precious few seconds give your LinkedIn status update a chance to be seen and consumed, and that’s all you can ask for into today’s over-saturated, always-on, 24/7/365 world of social media updates and nonstop scrolling.

Why You Should Use YouTube Videos on LinkedIn

As of this writing, LinkedIn doesn’t currently support “native” video uploads, meaning you have to first upload your video to a third party site like Vimeo or YouTube.

I love sharing videos on LinkedIn via YouTube because of all the additional ways you can build your audience via YouTube.

In the screenshot below, you can see that while I’m using elements of the video to point people to the landing page URL I want them to click on, there are also live, clickable elements inside the YouTube video itself, such as subscribing to my YouTube Channel:


Make sure you take advantage of these extra benefits YouTube offers directly inside your actual videos, including:

  • Subscribe to My YouTube Channel
  • Website Links/Information
  • Links to Additional Videos
  • Video Descriptions/Annotations

Along with all those “in video” links and options, another reason to use YouTube when sharing video on LinkedIn is that Google owns YouTube, and thus sorts, categorizes and integrates YouTube videos into Google Search results.

How to Make Effective LinkedIn Videos

For more ideas, inspiration and tools for making killer marketing videos, you can visit this section of my website and get the goods:


Have You Used Video on LinkedIn Yet? Let Me Know!

Make sure you let me know in the comments what you think! Have you noticed “autoplay” videos in your LinkedIn newsfeed lately? Have they caught your attention? Which types of video seem most effective to you?

More important, have you tried using video like this yet inside the LinkedIn newsfeed? What’s been the result? What are you trying?

Let me know!

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