The Secret To Successful LinkedIn Messages

I say it all the time when it comes to generating leads and winning business on LinkedIn

“The money is in the mailbox!”

I wanted to share a quick video of how I use my LinkedIn mailbox every single day to break the ice, warm prospects up and generate engagement —

A key element we all forget sometimes (myself included!) with marketing to and engaging prospects on LinkedIn is that these are HUMAN BEINGS …

So how would you talk to someone in a pub or a coffee shop in real life?

Replicate that in your 1-on-1 LinkedIn Messages!

Here’s an example …

I use LinkedIn Search to find a list of prospects who share a common trait (location as one example) so I can do an icebreaker-type script in my invites and messages …

In the video at the top of this post, one example is I target Business Coaches (common trait) who live in Canada (common trait) … so my personalization is talking hockey!

Another example (even more delightful!) is talking trash to my neighbors and rivals living next door in Wisconsin about our NFL teams …

Here’s the point …

Have fun, showcase your personality and break the ice – remember how you act in real life and overlay that onto LinkedIn with your 1-on-1 messages.

Be conversational.

Be informal.

Be pleasantly surprised when you see genuine engagement and someone ready to talk more!

P.S. One more cheap shot at Wisconsin … ?