Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation

Discover how to break the professional ice, practice some professional courtship and then pivot into a permission-based, lead-magnet type messaging offer. It’s all about personalized, 1-on-1 engagement – similar to how you’d act at a face-to-face coffee meeting.

The Ideal 1-on-1 Message Script

Here’s a sample of the “fill in the blank” script I start with during these 1-on-1 engagements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This message comes after I break the professional ice with a personal comment or note as demonstrated in the video above.

Curious – Are you interested in [BLANK]?

If so, I have [XYZ]

If you’d like to see how it works, just reply with the word “YES” and I can send you over a link to [XYZ]

And if you’re not interested, no worries at all.


Here’s a breakdown of the approach and script I use for these messages:

There are four key components to this script:

Part 1: You ask a question (“Curious…”) about a specific topic (i.e. the product or service you sell) and tie it to some specific benefits they want or problems they need solved that can be related to that product or service.

Part 2: You offer something of value (“If so, I have a free training video / blog post / eBook / phone consultation / diagnostic tool / etc. …”) related to the topic and question you asked in Part 1. The key here is that what you are offering is free and of value to your target audience.

Part 3: You ask permission (“Just reply ‘YES’…”) to share your content or information, and give them a simple way to tell you they want to learn more (“YES”). Remember too, I’m not assuming my connections will automatically want a link to my webinar. Instead, I’m asking them if they do. This makes all the difference!

Part 4: You don’t pressure them (“If you’re not interested, no worries at all…”) and give them an easy out if they’re not interested. Remember the long game! Even if the person isn’t interested in this specific message or topic, he or she might be the next time you send a note about something else. Keep it conversational, friendly and easygoing in tone, and people won’t feel pressured or pushed or “sold to.” That way, when you circle back again in a few weeks with another message about a different topic, they’ll be open to hearing about it.

When They Say “YES”

Now, if someone replies “YES” to the initial message I send, then I immediately send a follow up reply that gives the URL to my promised piece of content, calendar (for a free call) or whatever else it is.

The key to all of this is how you phrase things, and following the script and approach I’ve outlined here will work wonders in sending free, qualified traffic anywhere you want online.

Remember to use LinkedIn to first target the right audience, and then talk to them like I’ve outlined, asking questions, seeking permission and not being pushy.

If you do, you’re going to tap into the #1 LinkedIn lead generation method I see working these days!

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