Want to Sell More on LinkedIn? Do This.

Quick question: How are your sales efforts going over on LinkedIn?

“But John,” you might protest. “I’m not selling anything!”

Actually, you are. In fact, we’re ALL selling ALL THE TIME on LinkedIn.

What We’re Selling

  • We might be selling OURSELVES (I need a job).
  • We might be selling our COMPANY (I need an employee.)
  • We might be selling an OPINION (I need to prove something.)
  • We might be selling a PRODUCT or SERVICE (I need a buyer.)

But make no mistake – we’re ALL selling … all the time … on LinkedIn.

How to Sell on LinkedIn

From the initial invite to connect to 1-on-1 messages to sealing the deal, there is a SPECIFIC formula you MUST follow to be successful when it comes to selling on LinkedIn.

On this episode of the LinkedIn Riches Podcast, I explain what this formula is and (more important) WHY it works so well.

Have a listen:


What do you think? Do you agree with me that we’re all selling all the time here on LinkedIn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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