Listen below to a special Nemo Radio interview with Kevin Harrington, creator of the TV "infomercial" and the As Seen on TV brand, on how he generated $5 billion worth of sales using selling secrets he learned from Zig Ziglar.

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“Stop Selling. Start Helping.”

The man behind that famous phrase, Zig Ziglar (1926-2012), reached more than 250 million people worldwide with his sales training talks, bestselling books and unforgettable, homespun wisdom on the art of dealing with people.

In fact, many of today’s biggest names in Business, Finance, Marketing and Self-Improvement (including the likes of Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, Michelle Prince, Bob Burg and many others) credit Zig for their success.

In partnership with Kevin Harrington, inventor of the Infomercial and an original cast member of ABC's hit show Shark Tank, Ziglar, Inc., is launching a new online training course titled "Secrets of Closing the Sale" that features never-before-seen trainings from Zig.

Hosted by Kevin Harrington, who used Zig's strategies to generate more than $5 billion in sales during his career, the course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get the timeless techniques and tactics Zig Ziglar made famous is a modern, easy-to-apply online format.

Learn more about the course and start by getting instant access to Zig's free eBook, Secrets of Selling, right here!


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